GIF Compressor: Compress GIF Animations Online

Minimize your GIF files without compromising quality, and improve your digital experiences.

All uploaded images are deleted after 1 hour.

Image Quality:

Use the slider to select the image compression quality:

  • Lower values give better compression (at the cost of image quality).
  • Higher values may increase the size of the image.
  • Default (60) is a good balance between image quality and compression.

How to Use Our GIF Compressor?

  1. Click "Browse Files" or drag and drop your GIFs to initiate the upload process
  2. Monitor the progress bars as your GIFs are compressed in real-time
  3. Click “Download” to retrieve your compressed GIF, or “Download ZIP” to obtain all compressed files together
  4. Need to compress more GIFs? Click “Clear Queue” and repeat the process

GIF Compressor: Simplify and Optimize Your Digital Space

Why Choose Our Online GIF Compressor?

GIFs add a dynamic touch to your digital communication, but their size can sometimes pose challenges. That’s where our online GIF Compressor comes into play. It reduces your GIF file size while preserving quality, allowing for easier storage, sharing, and faster loading.

With our free tool, you can compress up to 20 GIFs simultaneously without the need for registration or limits on usage.

How Does Our GIF Compressor Work?

Our online tool compresses your GIFs effectively, reducing file size while maintaining visual quality. A progress bar allows you to monitor the compression in real-time.

Once compressed, you can download your GIFs individually, or download all compressed files together in a ZIP archive.

Prioritizing Your Data Security

Our automated servers ensure your data’s safety by deleting all files 60 minutes after upload. Our compression process operates on a copied version of your GIF, leaving the original safe on your device.