Online PNG Images Compressor

The go-to PNG compressor tool for maintaining quality while reducing size

All uploaded images are deleted after 1 hour.

Image Quality:

Use the slider to select the image compression quality:

  • Lower values give better compression (at the cost of image quality).
  • Higher values may increase the size of the image.
  • Default (60) is a good balance between image quality and compression.

How to compress PNG images?

  1. Click the "Browse Files" button or drag and drop images to upload
  2. Choose a compression quality (60 is recommended)
  3. Click the "Compress Now!" button to start compressing
  4. Download individual images by clicking "Download" or all images in a ZIP file by clicking "Download ZIP"

Online Image Compressor offers you the perfect solution to condense your PNG images without losing their transparency or quality. You can upload up to 20 PNG images at a time. All images are automatically removed after one hour for your privacy.

Harness the Potential of PNG Compression

Our online tool utilizes advanced compression algorithms to decrease your PNG image file sizes while preserving their quality and color depth. With our tool, you can easily compress images in the widely used PNG format.

Upload and compress up to 20 PNG images at once, customizing the quality settings to your preference. Use the handy slider to adjust the compression level and effortlessly compare the original image with the compressed version.

Understanding PNG Compression

Digital compression is the practice of shrinking data into a smaller format. It works much like packing a suitcase, getting all you need into a compact space, without losing any essentials.

Our tool employs a mix of lossless and lossy compression. While lossless compression skillfully removes redundant data, lossy compression focuses on shedding surplus bits, resulting in a smaller file with minimal quality loss. The level of compression can be tailored to your preference for file size versus quality.

The Importance of PNG Compression

PNG images, due to their high color depth and transparency features, can take up significant storage space. Our intelligent compression tool helps you save valuable space by reducing PNG image sizes without compromising the necessary quality.

Maximize your device storage or boost your website speed with optimized images - our robust PNG compressor caters to all your image compression needs.

How Does Our PNG Compressor Work?

Our innovative tool uses a blend of lossy and lossless compression to minimize your PNG image files. Upon uploading your images, our smart algorithm sets in motion, analyzing and compressing them to the smallest possible size while preserving the required quality.

Control the compression level with the user-friendly slider and instantly compare the output with the original image. Once you’re satisfied, download individual images or grab all of them in a zip file. All images are securely deleted after one hour, guaranteeing your data privacy.