Reduce JPG Size to 500KB Online

Boost your digital efficiency and speed by compressing your JPG files to 500KB, all without sacrificing image quality.

All uploaded images are deleted after 1 hour.

Image Quality:

Use the slider to select the image compression quality:

  • Lower values give better compression (at the cost of image quality).
  • Higher values may increase the size of the image.
  • Default (60) is a good balance between image quality and compression.

How to Use Our JPG Compressor?

  1. Click "Browse Files" or drag and drop your JPGs onto the tool.
  2. Watch the real-time compression process that trims your JPGs down to 500KB.
  3. Click “Download” to save your compressed JPG, or “Download ZIP” to get all compressed images at once.
  4. Have more JPGs to compress? Click “Clear Queue” and repeat the process as needed.

JPG Compressor: Streamline Your Digital Images

Why Opt for Our JPG Compressor?

Large JPG images can clutter your storage and hamper website speed. With our simple-to-use online tool, you can trim your JPG files down to just 500KB, making file handling faster and storage management easier.

And it's all free! No need to sign up or pay anything. You can even process up to 20 JPGs simultaneously.

How Does Our JPG Compressor Work?

It's straightforward. Upload your JPGs and our tool shrinks them down to 500KB, all while retaining their visual quality. You can observe the process as it unfolds, then download your compact images individually or all together in a handy ZIP file.

Remember, you can work on 20 JPGs at once. That's a lot of saved space and speed!

We Prioritize Your Data Security

Rest assured, your data is in safe hands. Our servers erase all your uploaded data automatically after 60 minutes. And we only work on copies, so your original images stay untouched on your device.